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  • Community Notice Covid-19

    Altalab is currently caught up on weatherstation repairs and upgrades making this an EXCELLENT time to take care of routine checkup and maintenance, battery changes or upgrades. We are operating on a slightly reduced schedule to accommodate our commitment to social distancing, and our team has embraced a staggered and shorter schedule that allows us to be isolated from others as much as possible, but we are functioning close to normally.

    Because a non peer reviewed study recently suggested that Coronavirus can exist on cardboard surfaces up to 24 hours and on plastic and stainless steel up to 3 days, we are sanitizing incoming and outgoing boxes as well as our hands between operations.

    We recommend following all State and Federal guidance during this unprecedented effort to manage health and well being during this pandemic.

  • NEW! Merlin 8

    Get Race Weather on Your Cell

    Merlin 8 can text weather and predictions to your cell phone with no annual fee. Merlin 8 is an addition to all the functions and features of Merlin 7. This is a one time purchase for registered users that is licensed for a single computer.

    Get Merlin 8 Now!

  • A Bit of Altalab History

    Bob Hoffa at an NHRA event in the late 1980s The reliable but discontinued Sharp PC 1270. Bob Hoffa and Van Greer using the PC 1270 at Bristol Dragway in the early 1990s when it was an IHRA track. Altalab's first PC Software, PCM 2 for DOS