Merlin ships standard with the Alta and AltaCom II weatherstations. Merlin provides communications between the weatherstation and your computer, and has powerful tools for drag racing predictions. The current version is 7.6.01 for 32 and 64 bit versions of WinXP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Merlin is available as a free download to registered owners, or on CD for a nominal fee.

Merlin Tools – Communication with the Altacom II Weatherstation

Merlin provides communications between AltaCom II and your PC and access to weather data through the Preferences and the AltaCom Live Screens.

Merlin Preferences Screen

  • Customize which data is transmitted to the pager (Choose from 4 measured and 7 calculated)
  • Turn ON Anemometer, External Temperature Sensor, and Ambient Light Sensor
  • Turn OFF previously created predictions
  • Automatically sync weatherstation time to your PC time

AltaCom Live Screen

  • View Live Weather Readings
  • View live 60′ ET and TS Predictions
  • View and Graph Weather Trend
  • Save and Print Weather Trend
  • Overlay Weather Trend with Saved Weather
  • Pick a Weather Reading to Export to RacePak
  • Set Time and Date
  • Calibrate and View Calibration Data
  • Download Logged Weather Data AltaCom II logs every 10 minutes to internal memory
  • Clear Data Logs
  • View Voltages for Troubleshooting

Live ET and TS Predictions on Your Pager

  • Graph Runs, Graph Runs by Lane, Graph Runs by Selection
  • Predict ET and TS from a single run
  • Predicts 60′
  • Create and Transmit multiple predictions
  • Customize predictions using Performance Factor
  • Calculate Sea Level ET
  • Calculate AA
  • Determine Throttlestop Ratio

For sportsman drag racers, Merlin has powerful tools for ET and Throttlestop prediction. Automatic graphing lets you select the best references, and helps you spot and diagnose prediction and jetting problems. Merlin calculates Sea Level ET for each run, a valuable diagnostic tool for improving prediction accuracy.

Merlin lets the user handle multiple vehicles, and create live predictions for up to 5 vehicles on your pager. You can customize predictions for each vehicle separately. Store up to 16 runs per file, create as many files as desired.

Create separate predictions for high humidity and low humidity conditions, for left and right lane differences or any other factors that influence your vehicle.

Merlin Manual

The Merlin Manual is filled with step by step instructions and lots of pictures to help racers quickly get up to speed. It can be found on your Merlin CD and downloads are available to registered owners.

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Advanced ET and TS Prediction
  • Sample Files and Tutorial
  • Screenshots and Pictures
  • Merlin Screenshots 2

    Preferences ScreenMerlin Preferences
    Live Weather
    Merlin Live Weather
    Trend Text
    Trend Text
    Trend Weather Graph
    Racepak Interface
    Pick Function for Racepak
    ET Prediction and Graphing
    ET Data and Graph
    TS Graphing and Prediction
    TS Data and Graph
    Excellent Detailed Manual
    Merlin Manual